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So I guess I'll see you around..

Posted on 2006.08.03 at 13:42
Feelin': contentcontent
Getting Krunk With: American Hi-Fi - Geeks Get The Girls
Rawr. <3
Its all boring and stuff.
Gah. Yesterday was Fabian's 19 birthday, and I totally forgot about it until I looked through my old journals. I felt kinda bad cuz I wanted to tell him happy birthday but I have no means to contact him. Maybe its for the best. I miss him though. I mean, I miss his company. He was a good friend...
I mean, with everything we had been through, getting engaged and all, it was great. Im just sad that things ended the way that they did. I guess I always feel bad that things end the way that they do. I mean, with Derrick, it ended nicely, but I still kinda feel bad. Oh well. Its all good.
Man.. Lets see here.

Ah yes. If you're ever paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes fit in a doghouse? None.. Ice cream has no bones.. duhhhh.

Haha. Aww.. how cute, on sharkweek (laugh it up, bitches) theres this dude that has no leg and he has like a...fake one? lol, and he can surf really good, and I'm all like.. well, gah, I have two good legs and I cant surf for shit. What kinda mess is that? Loser.

Argle Bargle.

Please dont mind what Im trying to say cuz Im.. Im being honest..

Man, you know what??? I miss highschool. Everyone always thinks (just like I did) "I cant wait to be done with it" but you know, my highschool days were the best days of my life.. fa rizzle. If I could, I would totally do another year there.. Yep. Its true.

Thats it for me, as of right now.

Pshhhh. Over and out.

Im standing while falling down..

Posted on 2006.08.03 at 11:43
Feelin': boredbored
Getting Krunk With: The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus - Face Down
Today is soo boring.
Gah. Theres nothing to do or to talk about, but I feel the need to update this thing like daily since Ive gotten it, which is what Ive always done with these journal thingies because I like to go look at them like years later and be like "whoaaa! I remember that!" hahaha.
Omgah. The day before yesterday, Brittany G and I watched this thing about these woman cutters on WE and it was sooo creepy. There was this lil goth girl that these HUGE ears! Hahaha. She apparently cut herself because her parents got a divorce and she had to help take care of her brother. Big deal. Me too.. And you know what? Majority of the rest of the teenage population. Get over it, hoe. haha. There was this other chick, I dont know what her deal was but she like hated her stomache so she cut it up and said that now she cant have kids or something. Crreeeepy. This other one was a ministers wife and she thought she was all sneaky keeping her earings and paperclips and thumb tacks hidden? Wtf. haha. She called it her secret stash. She said she also cut herself with a paring knife (she said the same one she uses to cut veggies)-- That is sooo fucking disgusting.
It takes two is on today! wooo hooo!

...Do you feel like a man when you push her around?
Do you feel better now when she falls to the ground?
Well, Ill tell you my friend, one day this worlds gunna end
As your lies crumble down, a new life she has found..

--Face down in the dirt, she said this doesnt hurt..

About a week or so ago I was talking to Jason (daniel) online and he was all excited about the new Will Farrel movie coming out or whatever and he invited me to come and said that he wanted me to dress up like someone from one of his movies or whatever, haha. It was soo funny. He was like "You could be superstar.. orr.. orrr.. elf.. Yes. . . You could be elf" and Im like :-\ Whatever, crazyhead and hes like "Im not crazy.. you know me, the kidder that I am" then he goes "#1 Brandi, #1 Rachel Mcadams #3 Kate Beckensale" and he said that was his list of his top 3 favorite people.. and Im like "funny how you only actually know one of them" and hes like "well, I saw the notebook twice, doesnt that count?" and im like "ohh yea.. you two are supertight now.. you should invite her to come to the movies with us.. she can be superstar" haha.
Good times. Good times.

Geebos. I am totally addicted to that show What Not To Wear. Omg. If I were to ever be one of the people nominated for something like that, I would cry. Haha.
Well people. Im gunna leave now so I can watch my show! bahahaha.


You like fun dip and cherry coke <3

Posted on 2006.08.02 at 17:58
Feelin': energeticRegular feelin'
Getting Krunk With: Cartel - Honestly
Geebos. Its been forever since I've updated in one of these things. Updating on myspace is just.. I dont know, its weird. I feel better writing in an online journal instead of on myspace. I was looking through my blurty one and all these memories came back and it was wonderful. =] I doubt anyone will ever read this thing, but thats okay with me.
So lets see. Derrick and I broke up. I was kinda sad about it, cuz I liked him and all, and I thought that I was starting to care about him, but I dont think it was me caring as much as I was just infatuated with him and that was mainly the only reason I was with him. Besides that, there was really nothing else there. He is about to be 18 and he acts like he is 16. He's really immature. He called on the 31st and told me that he didnt think we could see each other anymore because he was going to his dads and he thinks that he is not coming back, but who knows. I dont really care either way. I just hope that we can still be friends cuz he's a cool kid. =]
I'll be starting FTCC on the 16th but I have to do a late registration because of the stupid school doing all this crap and classifying me as an out of state resident. So blegh. Well, hopefully next year I'll be able to move to Raleigh, I really hope so. It would be soo great. I was also late enrolling/applying into my program so I have to wait til either next semester or next year to start that. Im going into the radiology/nuclear medicine program. That should be interesting. Im doing 4 classes online and one (anatomy and physiology) on campus.

Cool beans =]

But yea, thats about it for right now. <3


Posted on 2005.09.09 at 18:07
I have a SECRET!

Posted on 2005.09.05 at 11:47
Feelin': grumpygrumpy
Getting Krunk With: Daddy Yankee - Gasolina
Man, Im gettin tired of this country.

Did you all hear about Castros offer to send 1100 cuban doctors to help with the victims of Katrina? America will more than likely say no.. but actually, it would be a better move. Even though all of that was strickly political, seeing as how cuba gets hit with hurricanes all the time, cuban doctors would be more equipped to deal with people in that situation than ours would. Its just so stupid, America is acting like a bunch of assholes.. We are all about going into other countrys and helping, but when someone wants to help us, we have a big stick in our ass like we can handle it.. If we could... Then our gas prices wouldnt be up to 4.00... In costa Rica, they gave up their army so they could put more money towards their schools.. We couldnt give up our army, but if we would stop this fucking war, we would have more money and be able to prosper instead of the whole country going into a national recession.

My moms purse was stolen last night out of her car.. they didnt get but like .85 cents, some cigs and a lighter, but they took her VITAMINS and her wedding ring (from her purse) and her ID's, her ATM card, credit card, checkbook... *sigh* so i had to lend her my 80$ so she can have gas money and money to get milk and stuff this week before she gets her stuff renewed and account renewed and such. They found her purse (it happened at a friends house) across the street, emptied, and her SS card on the ground and her library card and like her Sams club card.. So shes going back to her friends house today and getting a police report so she can take it to the bank so they wont be able to write checks or anything..

well, I gotta get going.


Posted on 2005.08.30 at 16:19
Feelin': chipperBirthday Mood!

Brittany is the most awesome chick in the friggin world! She got me a scratch n sniff card and it has a lil thing on the front that your a posed to scratch n sniff.. and on the inside it says "smells exactly like a birthday card!" then she thanked me for being born. :) and gave me 10 bux and bag o lollies :)
Thanks chicka!
Mucho LUH to you, sexay mami. ;)

Fabian got me such a purtty card that had a poem in it, then he wrote a poem he wrote on the back of it.. So sweet.

anywho. the rest of you, biatches better thank me for being born.. or your life just wouldnt be as interesting. LOL. Im just kidding u guys. Lol.
Love you all dearly.


Posted on 2005.08.29 at 20:54
Feelin': exhaustedexhausted
Eli just had her baby!! (Fabians sister)

Alberto David Marquez.

August 29, 2005 :)

Posted on 2005.08.23 at 18:58
Spent the day with Jess. Love yah!

Heres that purse I was talking about.. And hey, I DID get a tan.. I dunno how.. no sun, but i did! lol.

PurseCollapse )

Posted on 2005.08.21 at 20:17

It Is WrittenCollapse )

Posted on 2005.08.21 at 17:21
Feelin': chipperchipper
Getting Krunk With: ba da ba ba ba.. stupid pinky.
What in the world is up with the new McDonalds commercial?
That girl and her pinky finger running around showing off her pinky like it has a right to tell people what to eat or whats good or something.. Walking around throwing her pinky up in the air like a snob bossing people around just because she wants a chicken sandwich.. God.. RUDE. lol. Id be like "take your pinky and shove it up your nose chicken lady!"

Okay. Im done. :)

Posted on 2005.08.18 at 21:51
Feelin': groggygroggy
Getting Krunk With: A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras
Spent yesterday with Fabian.

Craziness. Usually he will call on his day off around 12 or 1 then come get me.... Oh no.. No warning
what-so-ever... He calls at like 9:30... "Are you ready?"....
Me: "Am I s'posed to be?"
F: "We're taking my brother to the airport, Im almost to your house, you better be ready when I get there, we're in a hurry."

wtf. So I rush into bathroom, shower, apply mascara run to find clothes nice to see his brother off, get my messenger baggie thingy and stuff it with:
-extra shirt and pants
-lip gloss
-nail polish
and eyeliner and attempt to get ready in his car...I looked horrible.. My hair dried all nimbly bimbly so I had to put it up and it was just plain U.G.L.Y.
Drove to Raleigh cramped in the van with:
+Fabian and myself.

Tito kept trying to talk to me and I felt bad because I didnt know if he understood what I was saying.
Got to Raleigh and dropped his brother off.. I got a firm handshake and a "It was nice meeting you"
Then we left and since we werent cramped in the backseat nemore, Fabian and I napped all the way to Boston Market where we proceeded to buy food. When we return some strange white man told Fabians mom that her husband had left her. It was so sad and he was like "Dont cry, you're a strong lady.. there are other men.." I mean, he didnt even know her. Eli is gunna have her baby soon! I cant wait.. Its gunna be great.
Alberto David Marquez.
Then Fabian and I went to do his laundry, then we came back to my house and worked on his car and played with Leo. It was really nice seeing him and talking to him, as we dont get to very often.
Most of the time we only see each other on his days off and we dont really talk between day... Sometimes he calls from work to see how Im doing and such...but his day off is our day.. Its nice.
His mom called crying and I told him to go home, she needs him. She deserves so much better.

Anyway. 12 days til my birthday! Toot Toot!
I cant believe School starts this upcoming week. Im kinda nervous..
Senior year, PEOPLE!

We better have one kick ass prank.. Not some stupid shit like last year.. I mean, it was alright, but it could have been WAY cooler..
I wonder if Markeda is coming back to Southview, God, I kinda hope not.. She totally is to blame for a huge arguement with Fabian and me saying some stupid shit to the neighbors. Craziness. Maybe she'll go to byrd with all her wannabe badass friends.

Lets see.I was contemplating updating this thing in fear of not having nething to say.. and look at it. lol.

Ill go bug Fabian at work now :-p hehee.


Goat cheese is nasttayyy

Posted on 2005.08.13 at 14:19
Feelin': awakeawake
Getting Krunk With: Matchbook Romance - Promise
Don'cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don'cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Don'cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
Don'cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?

Don'cha baybah?
I dont know what all is going on today. Fabian ended up working double yesterday so we couldnt go see The Skeleton Key. Rawr.
Uhhhh. I cleaned up and rearranged most of my room. It looks good, I think.
My G-Ma sent me 50 bucks for like way early birthday present. Lovin' it.

Uhh. I dont know what all else to say.. So Ill update when my life is way more cooler.


Pancakes Vs. Waffles

Posted on 2005.08.10 at 10:38
Feelin': tiredtired
Getting Krunk With: Sum 41 - Still Waiting
..Wir Glauben..
Spent Monday morning with Fabian exchanging clothes at JCPenny..  He bought me clothes and they were all way too big.
So we had to return them and get my sizes.
Then yesterday was his day off. We did his laundry and went over to Roberto's new house. He was having a party last night and we told him we were going to go.. But we forgot (oops).
Then we went to the Doctor to get him his refill for his back pain. He works too hard at ihop.. Thats why he has backpain. I think its funny, in a way... He can be as late as he wants whenever he wants and they will NEVER fire him.. Hes like, their best waiter. lol.
But yea.. Then we went to his house and had Burger King.. Then we went upstairs and watched Left Behind..
It was kinda akward to sit there and watch spanish TV.. lol.

My mom's friends just got back from Korea.. And they came bearing CANDY!
Yummy yummy! lol.

Lets see. Might go to the movies on Friday to see The Skeleton Key.

This is pretty much it for right now.


Shes moving way too fast and all he wanted was to hold her

Posted on 2005.08.08 at 10:08
Feelin': pleasedpleased
Getting Krunk With: Nina Sky - Move Your Body, Girl
He is the lamb, she is the slaughter
**And even when you've paid enough, been pulled apart or been held up
With every single memory of the good or bad faces of luck
don't lose any sleep tonight
I'm sure everything will end up alright.

Lala. Nothing too much going on.
Rick called, (Biological dad)-- he didnt seem drunk at first..
Must've been drinking as he talked to me.
*Shakes Head*
He calls me at least every 3-4 weeks and he cant seem to remember my age, or that I will be a senior this year.

Man, guys, I ran into my brothers closet door, and now I have a bruise the size of a baseball on my arm.

I'm  going to watch that new show coming on ABC Family, that "Beautiful People" show..
It seems pretty cool.

Ill go now.


Be yourself is all that you can do.

Posted on 2005.08.06 at 20:16
Feelin': giddygiddy
Getting Krunk With: Audioslave - Be Yorself
Spent the day with Pat-A-Roo.
Pat Pack DUO. We were missing our third.. But hey, what else is new :-\
We were totally gangster driving around.
Went to mall around maybe 3-ish.. Then went back around 6-ish and we saw the SAME people there as we did around 3.
Its tax free weekend.
Saw a bunch of people from school. Went to Spencers and I hit Patience with a penis.
Saw Wifey and her girlfriend. Wifey was in the dressing room and was totally holding up the line.. There was a LONG line and I think people were getting cranky. lol.
But wifey was so cute in the shirts she didnt buy. lol. In one of them, she looked like a little kid. So cute.
The second time we were at the mall, we saw DJ Meeshaw.. Had to do a double take to make sure it was him. lol.
We ate at Taco Bell and I left a note on Fabian's car. :)
Then we went down to the apartments to see if anyone was there.. Nope.

Lets see. Then we mostly just drove around.. Went to Petsmart. Thats basically ALL. Just drove, being pimp. :)
Listening to the Black Eyed Peas and Kid Frost... Amongst other things, but those are the only two I can remember off the top of my head.

Might call Fabian later.. Might make plans to go see The Skeleton Key next Friday.
Just donno.

Actually, I can't wait to go back to school. Minus the whole schoolwork thing, I like it. Get to see everyone. God I hope I have lunch with someone...
Man, I got Chemistry 3rd, which means I will have either third or fourth lunch.. Ive never have third or fourth. Always first and second.
Second semester Ill have first lunch, Cuz Ill be on the new wing for Criminal Justice.
I'm hoping to have at least one class each semester with Fabian.. Chemistry, hopefully (MAYBE Pshychology, but I think he signed up for AP) and Eng. Honors.

In Graduation call, Ill be between Miranda Cummins and Danielle Daidone. Ill be one of the first 50 called. Awesome. Done and over with.. Smiling and shaking.. Nervous-ness.
Last year. Its crazy.

Lets make our last year, awesome, dudes! :) ( lmao )

Welp, Ill go now. Later, tators.



Posted on 2005.08.05 at 10:53
Feelin': frustratedfrustrated
Getting Krunk With: Gilmore Girls

Rawr. I hate my schedule. I got it in the mail today.

Here it is:

1st Semester
Psychology  - M. Ramirez
Trigonometry - C. Phipps ( UGH. I hate that stupid bitch, i JUST got out of her class!!!)
Chemistry - M. Welter (The creepy guy that doesnt change his clothes!!!!)
Criminal Justice I - N. McArther

2nd Semester
Career  Management - M. Hampton (Getting that shit changed!)
English 4 Honors - M. Hunter (just got outa her class, too!)
Criminal Justice II - E. Willet
Parenting and Child Development - K. Humphrey (Getting that shit changed!)

Im changing those 2 classes for German 3 and Art 3.
And I got Mrs. Bishop for homeroom.

I think my fave homeroom teacher was Mrs. Allen. She was so funny.
Mrs. Smith was just plain stupid. She got on my nerves.

Well dudes, besides the two Im getting changed, let me know if you got ne classes with me. That would be of MOST help.

Mucho Luh.

I..Ee..Move your body girl...

Posted on 2005.08.04 at 10:36
Feelin': bouncyBelly Dancing. (haha)
Getting Krunk With: Shakira
Lets see here, people!

Tuesday was Fabian's birthday, but he doesn't really like his birthday, so he mostly just slept. I got  him a really niicce (really expensive :-\) watch for his birthday and his mom got him a CD player for his car.
He came over and got his watch on Wednesday. It really is a nice watch. The band part is a silver (regular mens watch) then the clock part is black with lines instead of numbers and for "12" there is a diamond. Its really pretty. Looks good on him, too.
Lets see. Then we went to look at some things for  his car. Called his mechanic. Then went to the sports center.
Then he had to drop me off because he had to get ready for work.

I also got one of his poems published for his birthday. He was kind of surprised when I told him. A good surprised or a bad surprised, I dont know yet. Maybe I shouldnt have. But his poem will be featured in the book "Eternal Portraits" coming out this fall.

Was walking around town yesterday in search of a job. Stupid people honking at me.
Saw John. Me, walking down the street. All the sudden "MEGAN" only, more John like, so it was like a very manly deep voiced scream. Kinda scared me, lol. It was him and Kyle. Thjat dude got skinny. He used to be.. Not so skinny. But he is now. Gee, golly. I just wonder how that happened. *cough*.
Then Wifey and her girlfriend, Sarah came over. So cute.
Wifey named my already named puppy (Leo)... What was it.. I dont remember the first name, but it was "Something copperpot the octopus" lol.
I guess its payback for renaming waffle picasso. lol.

Well, guys. Im bout to jump outa hurrr. (lmao)

Mucho Luh.

Beeday Day!

Posted on 2005.08.02 at 10:47
Feelin': cheerfulDancey.
Getting Krunk With: Nadia - Life Of A Stranger


If you're a bird, I'm a bird

Posted on 2005.07.31 at 19:23
Feelin': artisticartistic
Getting Krunk With: NORE - Oye Mi Canto
Got my new journal! Yay! I'm so happy.

Well, lets see. Fabian and I are back together, but we are kinda taking a break until school starts. We wont see each other as much.. (( As opposed to.. what?)) Anyway.
Lets see.
I was talking to my mom and she said that if I went to college before I join the peace corps, that it would take away my college debts that I would have accumulated.
Plus Ill get 6 thousand dollars when Im done.
Hopefully Ill go somewhere in South America, all the volunteers Ive read about that were in South America seemed to a have more fun than that of those in other places.
I just dont know.

Lets see. I dont know what else to talk about.

Been watching Dirty Dancing and dancing a lot lately.. Thats always good.

There's a Mariachi Band playing at El Rancho on the 10th. Im gunna get Fabian to go so we can dance. It should be fun.
Was supposed to go out with Patience, Shawn and Sarah but they ended up wanting to go to Wilmington.
Stupid heads.
Talked to Honaker yesterday. Man was he high. I was supposed to call him back, but I kinda forgot... I remember now.. and I should call him now.. But I dont wanna.
Me finks he was at Davids.. he was yelling at someone to give him back his bong. Woo. Goo John. Your very own bong.

Lets hope he doesn't die. Shall we? (Is that a nice way to put it, Wifey?)

School starts on the 25th.. Man, 5 days away from my birthday. Sucks.
I dont know what Im doing for my birthday this year. Contemplating having a party, but then no one will show up and I will be standing there all alone with a birthday cake and I will feel sad.
Damn you all to hell! Just joshing.
Maybe Ill just get a few friends and we'll go do.. I dont know.. Something.

Im getting Fabian his watch on Tuesday (woo- last minute)
He doesnt want to make a biggie outa his birthday.. He said that hopefully if he doesnt mention it, everyone will forget. Hah. Whatever. Im gunna call him and sing to him (oh lawdy).

Lets see. I guess that about covers it.
Oh. Hopefully I will be spending this upcoming Saturday with Patty! Wee Hee!

Now.. That covers it.

({ Ohhhh. Move your body girl })